Mela Shea Stand Up Psychic

I am not at all a skeptic. I believe in intuition and have been read multiple times. I had a feeling when I came across your site that you were legit and the reading confirmed it. You really know your stuff. I feel really at ease after speaking with you and are thankful I came across your site!

 - Megan

Mela is absolutely spot on with her readings.  When I asked her about romance, she pinpointed a girl that i genuinely like, and a girl i was flirting with on a dating website (which she correctly pointed out as being bad news).  I've been focusing on the other girl ever since with great results!  She told me some really amazing things that I felt were coming from a very heartfelt place.  I'd trust her to give me a reading again, definitely.


I've been having readings with different psychics, mediums and intuitives for the past ten years, and I have to say that Mela is absolutely fantastic. She's one of the very best I've encountered, she tells it straight, but with a lot of love, and I've found her to be a wonderful help in working through various issues in my life. I couldn't recommend her more highly!"

​I did a short reading with Mela in December when she posted as a QF member and so far everything she said has been accurate. February jumped out at her as a month for money and so far I've gotten several unexpected well-paid gigs--very unusual for me and the month isn't even over.I admit I've always been a skeptic about speaking to people who passed, but was curious. Mela's rates are quite low so I decided to try it yesterday. From the minute she connected to my mom, I had chills. She described Mom's temperament with uncanny accuracy. Then she said Mom was troubled b/c she never told me something she was sorry about. It was so specific to my relationship with her that I cried. It was exactly as Mom would have said it. I am now a believer and recommend Mela if you want a very reasonably priced psychic reading or to talk to someone who passed.

I had a reading with Mela last night, and this morning it hit me how smart, savvy (not to mention fun) she was. It was really easy to speak with her. I threw out lots of names, and she gave me eerily prescient thoughts about each one. (I've been texting with one of them this morning and, thanks to Mela, seeing him in a clearer light.)Thank you, Mela, for being you, and also for being so affordable. I will call you when I am back from my trip to the West Coast!-Bill