Mela Shea Stand Up Psychic

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you have psychic abilities?

I did not always know that I had psychic abilities. I used to communicate with spirits when I was little. I would tell my babysitter stories about the people who were talking to me, luckily she was open minded and she just listened to me tell my stories. I set this website up in January of 2012 after a visit to Convent Garden in London with my fiancee now husband and we visited a psychic there. I decided that I could do psychic readings professionally after meeting with him. Throughout my life I have always been aware of the inner dialog we all have guiding us, telling us what to watch out for, encouraging us along the way. This is the Universe and Guides talking to you, and I know how to communicate with them. We all do, it's a matter of tapping into the Universal information that's available to all of us.

How do you conduct your readings?

I have a conversational style. You can have questions prepared, or you can just see what comes up for you. Readings should be paid for in advance, at least an hour before your reading is scheduled to begin. I recommend that new clients purchase a one hour time slot with me. I like to do an automatic writing session before our initial reading begins so I can have messages from your Guides to give to you.

What are Guides?

 Your guides are a mixture of Archangels, Angels, People who have passed over. For example, one of my Guides is the Archangel Zadkiel. Another guide I have is Grandma Moses, she was a painter when she was alive. Guides sometimes guide more than one person or even thousands of people. Even so, you should feel confident communicating with them. They're there to help you.

What's the Universe?

I think of the Universe as all the information that's available to us. A collection of thought that flows through all humans and intertwines with the Earth and the Galaxy. Some people refer to the Universe as God. It is my belief that the Universe is God and God is the Universe.

How do I know my Guides are communicating with me?

Each person communicates with their guides in their own way. For example, you can take a piece of blank paper, write questions down in your non dominant writing hand, then switch to your dominant writing hand and write down the first thing that comes to mind underneath each question.