Mela Shea Stand Up Psychic

Professional Clairvoyant

Mela Shea is a natural born clairvoyant psychic medium. Her first psychic experience was at the age of three when she started getting visited by souls who wanted to cross over to the other side.

Fast forward a couple decades to 2011 and Mela finds herself wandering through Camden Market in London with her then fiancee now husband, Kevin. Mela and Kevin have a chance meeting with another intuitive named Franklin, a biracial Native and African American originally from the Bronx, NY, who inspires Mela to go public with her gifts and start helping others follow their own intuition and instincts as well as listen to their gut feelings.

Mela also started doing stand up comedy in 2009. Her very first set was at the LGBTQ center in Manhattan, NY. Since then she has been performing in clubs all over NYC, Las Vegas, and currently in Pennsylvania, where she and Kevin now reside with their cat, Meatball.