Have you tried counselinganger management, or traditional therapy without getting the results you want? Mixed results? Do you kind of know what you want in life but you're not sure how to reach your goals? Are you afraid of what will happen if you take the leap that your inner voice is nagging you to take? Let me help you decipher what your gut feeling is telling you and help you find a clear path forward in your life. Let's connect with your inner voice instead of arguing with it. Let's figure out what your higher self, guides, gut instinct and intuition is communicating to you! Life can be complex and complicated at times, even frustrating and dark, sometimes even painful. Let's get together and figure out your best plan of action for you to have concrete steps you can take to improve your life, or situation!

Clairvoyant. Medium. Intuition. Gut Feeling. Life Path. Free Will. 


​You are unique. You have your own point of view. You are here to seek answers to your questions. I can answer your questions and teach you how to access your own intuition. I believe we can all communicate with our higher selves and the universe. You matter. You have a gift to give to the Earth. Let's connect and see what there is to create in your life. I can help you create the life that you want to live. Anything is possible.

Mela Shea Stand Up Psychic